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Cloud printing is a form of mobile printing that allows you to print directly from a computer or mobile device via a cloud. Samsung Cloud Print™, Samsung Electronics’ cloud-based printing solution, is an app that enables users to access and print their documents from anywhere using their mobile devices.

We’ve been getting numerous questions about this exciting and relatively new solution, so we invited Jaewook Cho, Cloud Printing Solution Planner at Samsung Printing Solutions, to tell us about it in detail.

Samsung Cloud Print™: A new wave of user-friendly cloud printing

A lot of people are confused about the difference between cloud printing and mobile printing. Can you please explain?

You can think of cloud printing as an upgraded version of mobile printing. While mobile printing has extended the printing channel from PC to mobile, cloud printing enables users to print seamlessly whenever and wherever, even if the printing source (the mobile device) and the printer are not in the same space and network.

Why did Samsung Electronics decide to develop Samsung Cloud Print™?

In the B2B printer market, there’s an increasing demand for printing and document management solutions that can increase productivity and reduce costs. We wanted to fully focus on this market trend, and utilize our mobile leadership to create a solution that lets users seamlessly print and manage documents from anywhere. This led to the development of Samsung Cloud Print™.

What is the target for Samsung Cloud Print™? Who would benefit most from using it?

SCP can be very useful for industries with heavy volumes of documents, such as law and finance, but it’s not just limited to these. It’s useful for everyone.

For example, salespeople who frequently have meetings outside the office, students who study at the library, and office workers who work in a BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) environment, can all benefit from the convenience of cloud printing. With SCP, anyone can print on-the-go, even if they are far away from the printer and the network.

How do people like Samsung Cloud Print™? What is the feedback like?

When we first released it, users were happy that it was easy to use compared to other solutions that require as many as seven steps just to register a printer. We were so glad that people found it easy to use, because we designed SCP to be as user-friendly as possible. In fact, the first name for it was Any #, because anyone could use it, and all registration required was a phone number input.

Just the number of users shows how much of a success it has been. As of now, more than 80,000 people are using the solution. From August 2014 to May 2015, there were 25,000 users in South Korea, but after it was globally launched this May, the number of users has more than tripled within three months and is still increasing!

Expanding the mobile and printing ecosystem

The Samsung survey results released in June showed that the usage rate of cloud and mobile printing is quite low compared to the awareness rate. Why do you think this is?

Not many people are using it because they assume that cloud printing is difficult to use — they hear that initial installation is complicated. So we’re trying to show that it’s easy to register a user and printer with SCP. Our internal tests showed that it takes about half of the registration time and steps than competitors’ solutions.

So how do you register it?

After installing the app on your phone, you can register using your phone number. Or, you can NFC “tap” on the printer for instant pairing. There exists a real need for cloud printing, so we’re constantly communicating the strengths of Samsung Cloud Print™ to disprove the notion that cloud printing is difficult to use.

Is there really a high demand for cloud printing?

Yes, most definitely. Businesses are always looking for efficient printing and document management solutions like cloud printing that increase productivity and save costs. And the ones that use cloud printing are seeing tangible results. A German bank — Volksbank Dinslaken eG — was able to save up to 40% in operation costs with a comprehensive printing solution that included cloud printing.

But individuals benefit from it just as much. More and more people are working with their mobile devices, so the more they can do on their mobiles – including document storage and printing – the more productive they can be.

Okay, then moving on to another concern people have about cloud printing: security. Cloud technology in general raises concerns about security, and we’d like to know how this plays a factor in cloud printing. How is SCP secure?

All cloud solution providers, not just Samsung, face the difficult challenge of showing people that cloud technology can be secure. SCP’s security meets the industry’s standard 256-bit encryption, and all connections – mobile to cloud, cloud to printer, mobile to printer – are made secure.

All communications happen through a one-time token, which is activated with user authentication. All non-authenticated accesses are blocked. However, any solution or server is susceptible to hacking and data leaks, but this is a matter of constantly updating the solution to ensure that its protection stays up to date.

What else is Samsung doing to update or expand Samsung Cloud Print™?

Since last year, we’ve been doing a lot to consolidate Samsung Cloud Print™ as well as our ever-expanding printing ecosystem. For instance, we acquired PrinterOn last year, a pioneer in mobile printing solutions with its solid cloud printing infrastructure, as well as the fundamental technologies of kiosk and mobile enterprise solutions.

Also, with our Android-based Smart UX Center and our capability to converge different types of technologies, we’re looking into developing more advanced cloud printing solutions for enterprises.

The Future of cloud printing

What do you think the future of cloud printing will be? How will cloud printing influence our lives and work environments?

Everyone’s talking about the Internet of Things, and cloud printing is one of the players in this phenomenon. It is already changing our printing experience, work patterns, and document management infrastructures. For instance, it increases productivity because office workers on business trips can quickly handle urgent printing and processing of documents.

At the same time, cloud printing can reduce document-related software and maintenance costs. It can also increase productivity because it allows workers to work on-the-go. For all of these reasons, we think cloud printing, along with other cloud-based technologies, will soon become the norm.

Anything else you want to say to our readers?

Samsung Cloud Print™ is the first cloud printing solution developed by Samsung Electronics. And I think it turned out pretty well. Well, just try it! And tell us what you think!


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