Article « Samsung Electronics Receives Four International Design Excellence Awards for Printer and User Interface Concept Designs »

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  • Awards for Samsung Printing Solutions’s Smart Co-work Printer, Smart Display Printer, Intelligent Gate, and Smart UX Center
  • Samsung Printing Solutions’s concept designs recognized for attention to user experience in IT solutions


SEOUL, S. Korea – August 22, 2015 – The Samsung Printing Solutions division of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced today that it has received four awards at IDEA (International Design Excellence Award) 2015, with three printer concept designs – Smart Co-work Printer, Smart Display Printer, and Intelligent Gate – and a printer user interface, the Smart UX Center.

The IDEA awards are hosted annually by the Industrial Society of America (IDSA), one of the world’s oldest and largest societies for design and related fields and research. The IDEA awards recognize excellence in product design, evaluating entries on aspects of industrial design, excellence in design including overall innovation and visual appeal, benefits to the user and client, and sustainability. This year marks IDEA’s 35th anniversary and the 50th anniversary of IDSA, and Samsung Printing Solutions competed against more than 1,700 entries from around the world.

Samsung Printing Solutions’ designs received recognition for creating an enhanced user experience through convergent technologies in mobile, printing, and display. The winning concept designs — Smart Co-work Printer, Smart Display Printer, and Intelligent Gate — are design concepts that combine printers with monitor displays for increased usability and ease of viewing, ideal for collaborative work. The printer concept designs were seen to be innovative and functional, creating a seamless and mobile work environment with the office printer as a workplace’s central IT device. In Digital Design’s User Experience category, the Smart UX Center, a product released in September 2014, won for introducing the concept of a “smart” touch user interface to a printer by mounting an Android tablet on the bodies of multifunction printers.

“It is an honor to receive these awards,” said Seungwook Jeong, Principal Designer of Samsung Printing Solutions. “We believe design is so much more than just visual appeal—just like any product design, a printer design should consider the needs and lifestyle of the user. With these design concepts, we incorporated convergent technologies — from mobile to display — into the printer, creating a product that is both shared and personal.”

The product concepts that received awards were:

  • Smart Co-work Printer – A “movable” multifunction printer that combines a monitor display with a printer, with wheels attached to the bottom. The Smart Co-work Printer enables easy video conferencing, as well as viewing and immediate printing of documents. It is designed with the concept that “every space can be a work place,” and targeted towards workplaces with a lot of collaborative work.
  • Smart Display Printer – A kiosk-type printer that combines a printer with a Large Format Display (LFD), optimized for printing, scanning, and advertising, in a public space, such as airports, hotels, and universities. The Smart Display Printer meets mobile workers’ need for seamless digital document creation and review in any space.
  • Intelligent Gate – An A3 copier with a 24-inch large screen display that can act as an all-in-one PC. Designed for offices with a lot of cooperation and teamwork, the Intelligent Gate facilitates collaboration by allowing easy comparison of multiple documents at once on its large display, as well as mobile and cloud printing.
  • Smart UX Center – An Android-based user interface on a 10.1-inch tablet, attached on all of Samsung’s MultiXpress multifunction printers, first launched September 2014. The Smart UX Center provides an intuitive user experience with its touch interface and printing apps that can edit documents, customize work processes, and more, minimizing the dependence on PCs in document processing.

“We are encouraged and pushed forward by each award we win, and the IDEA are no exception. These awards are a testament to our ceaseless efforts to provide new user experiences through unique printer designs. With our technological expertise and research on users’ needs, we will continue to produce innovative, lifestyle-focused designs that drive emerging IT trends,” said Seungwook Jeong, Principal Designer of Samsung Printing Solutions.


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