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Article 4)To further expand into the B2B business, Samsung launched the B2B-focused brand, Samsung Business. To help businesses do their work without worrying about printer failure, Samsung operates a multi-faceted service program to systematically manage the post-purchase experience—service—in the goal of becoming a dependable business partner.

An Extensible & Customizable Service Pack

The Samsung Printing Solutions Service Pack is a fee-based service offering that extends a Samsung printer’s warranty period. The pack can be purchased at the time of device purchase or any time before warranty expiration.

The customer can upgrade the service type, choose the response time, and extend the service period.

Service Type Upgrade

You can choose the service type that suits your business best. On-site service is fastest, but you might opt for Pick Up & Return if your office is not highly dependent on the printer.

Response Time Reduction

Response time to service requests can be customized as well. If your output device is critical to your business, then you can have a service engineer come in within the time frame agreed upon in your service contract.

Service Period Extension

Service period can be extended for anywhere from one to four years, based on your needs.

A Dependable Parts Supply

Since most service requests require part replacement, Samsung provides a sustainable part supply network both locally and globally with 7 global parts depots and 36 regional warehouses covering next-business-day supply requests. A demand prediction system allows Samsung to stock up two and half months’ worth of the most frequently requested extra parts. This prediction is made based on data like weekly supply requests, part defection rates, and sales volume of devices composed of those specific parts.

Service Quality = Customer Satisfaction

Service should not only be good, but also consistent. Consistent quality is the path to reliability, which is why Samsung provides advanced diagnostic tools that standardize service across the board.

Samsung Printer Diagnostic

Samsung Printer Diagnostic (SPD) is an easy-to-use diagnostic tool for users to self-troubleshoot printer failures. It can diagnose printer driver and device errors, and install and update printer software.

Smart Printer Diagnostic System

The Smart Printer Diagnostic System (SPDS) is a printer diagnostic tool that standardizes service quality and expands the global reach of Samsung Printing Solutions’s service capacity. The app provides the same, detailed troubleshooting guides to service engineers, ensuring that the service provided is consistent and exact. This reduces the rate of unnecessary parts replacements and re-servicing, saving businesses repair costs. The app also records service engineers’ visits and repairs, displaying a Service Bulletin with tech tips and other various contents that act as a general reference for the user.

A Portal for Subsidiaries and Partners

Samsung also operates a hub of technical support information, a go-to resource for all things service-related. The Technical Support Portal (TSP) is a portal that delivers technical support and materials to subsidiaries and partners. The TSP system manages technical requests; provides technical guides through software, manuals, and bulletins; and engages all related personnel in constant communication through Q&A postings and community notices.

From end users and IT administrators to service engineers and partners, Samsung ensures that anybody who works with a Samsung printer is well-informed and supported in resolving any printer service issue. With such a comprehensive service infrastructure, Samsung’s long-standing reputation for its excellence in customer service lives on, establishing the Samsung Printing Solutions brand as a reliable business partner.


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