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Smart UX Center Myths  Facts


With the Smart UX Center, an Android-based printer user interface, Samsung Printing Solutions introduced the idea of an intuitive and seamless printing workflow and ecosystem. While some users find this new printing paradigm to be fitting of today’s trends in digital convergence, others have doubts and questions.

One of those questions is, “Can an Android-based device be secure?” One barrier to using the Smart UX Center is the perception that it lacks security. However, Samsung Electronics takes several different measures to ensure security from initial purchase to use and maintenance.

Myth: Google does not support Android distribution for printers.

Fact: The Smart UX Center is Google-certified in its Android compatibility.

Samsung Electronics applies Android security patches to all Samsung devices, including mobiles and printers. The Smart UX Center is Google CTS-certified, meaning the device is compatible with the Android platform. Google’s Compatibility Test Suite is an automated testing harness that tests devices on seven components of Android compatibility, including signatures and permissions.

Google supports Android security patches for all manufacturers, and Samsung is the world’s biggest manufacturing company that uses the Android OS. All original Android apps, such as the Browser, Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, and E-mail on the Smart UX Center, are covered by Google’s certification. Additionally, all apps and widgets provided by Samsung through the Samsung Printing App Center exist within the Android ecosystem.

The Smart UX Center’s complete compatibility with Android means that its software can be updated whenever a new version of Android is released.

Myth: Users have no way of performing updates to the Smart UX Center.

Fact: Users can update the Smart UX Center with the “Smart Update” app.

The Smart UX Center is updatable via the “Smart Update” app available in the Printing App Center. The official firmware updates provided through this app come from Samsung’s server itself, ensuring security. User authentication is required to download the updates.

With each Smart UX Center firmware update, Samsung updates the Android OS. Users can download these updates regularly, as frequently as the updates come out, if they like.

Additional Fact: Samsung Printing Solutions ensure security on multiple levels.

The Smart UX Center is designed with multi-layered security that ensures protection on three levels: 1) network, 2) data, and 3) user.

  1. Network security is ensured by the separation of the Android-based user interface platform and Linux-based printing system platform.
  2. The Samsung Security Framework encrypts all data.
  3. Only authorized users can access the main system or storage.

Samsung takes security very seriously, believing that quality is not just about performance but also safety. Besides security tests performed in the development stage of a product, routine upgrades and new innovations ensure a safe user experience for all customers.


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