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The Future of Printing Mobile and Cloud

Changing work environment in today’s mobile world

According to Accenture, nine in ten executives report that their organizations have clear expectations on how digital technology can enhance their business. The Accenture report also states that business’s top-priority areas for digitalthis year are big data, cloud, and mobile, and investment in social interaction, mobility, cloud, and information will continue to increase, accounting for 26% of enterprise software spending by 2017, according to Gartner. These trends indicate that convergence between IT and business is happening at full force, and there are high expectations for enterprises to harness mobile technology to increase productivity.

As offices support mobility by fostering a BYOD culture and investing in mobile solutions, it is critical for personal mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to work seamlessly with office devices. And this redefines the role of a printer. Printers that were once considered as unchanging and sometimes outdated office machines are now becoming full-fledged IT devices that support individuals’ mobility with smart document management.

The New way of printing: Mobile and Cloud

With the rise of IT convergence, printing ecosystem has evolved as well. It has expanded to include mobile printing, a solution initiated by enterprise need for a true mobile-centric workflow. With office workers creating, editing, and manipulating documents on their mobile devices, mobile-to-print integration completes the document workflow in the office with printing, receiving, and sending documents made possible from mobile devices.

While mobile printing provides convenience within an office and its printer network, cloud printing goes one step further by eliminating restrictions on location and network. With its scalability, cloud printing provides flexible and free usage, making document transfer and management possible anywhere, anytime. With cloud printing, mobile workers can work just as productively, if not more, as workers in the office. To meet the expectations of today’s mobile-focused business environment and to enjoy mobility’s convenience and productivity, businesses are quickly embracing cloud printing solutions.

The importance of mobility in today’s business is greater than ever. As part of the evolving mobile trend that is constantly being upgraded to bring greater benefits to businesses, printing is taking its own new direction.


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