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From processing inventory updates throughout the supply chain to printing product offerings on the sales floor, document-related tasks play a key role in the daily operation of retail businesses. While it is crucial to ensure productivity and cost savings as a retail business, retailers are often burdened with laborious invoice processing and distribution of printed materials to various store locations.

Sometimes, it takes innovative solutions in addition to manpower to eliminate complexity and cut costs. See how adopting the right printing solutions and services can add value to your retail business.

Streamlined document processing and distribution

Keeping track of accounts payable and receivable is a core element of any back office operation of retail businesses, but manually processing related documents such as invoices or letters of credit and sharing them among stores and headquarter offices can take up precious time.

In such a case, replacing manual efforts with Samsung Business Core™ Printing Solutions is the way to go. In particular, Capturing the Big Data within Your Scanned Documents can be helpful. These solutions have the scanner read and translate barcodes or text in predefined areas on a page, and use the coded information to send the document to designated locations such as the company server or the accounting team’s e-mail. So instead of sorting, indexing, and distributing each scanned vendor receipts manually, back office staff can simply place a pile of receipts from multiple vendors in the printer’s feeder and let the device handle the work. Similarly, the fax caller ID feature can automate the distribution of faxed documents such as purchase orders from various outlets based on the transmitted fax caller ID number.

In-store, on-the-spot printing of marketing materials

More and more retail stores equip their sales staff with mobile devices so the staffs can better respond to customer’s needs right on the spot. For example, it is becoming more common to use a tablet on the sales floor to access customer databases, show customized purchasing options, and even process transactions. Enabling mobile printing options such as Samsung Cloud Print allows stores to respond immediately to customer demands and print various forms of marketing materials such as personalized service plans.

Having the on-site technology that allows stores to print high-quality marketing collateral such as brochures and promotion posters also streamlines communication and reduces costs of distribution from headquarters to individual outlets.

Monitoring and management of operational costs

Frequently, retail businesses purchase printers and supplies solely based on low initial cost, without thoughtful consideration of the reliability and service capacity of printer dealer. This can lead to frequent mechanical failures, which in turn results in a higher-than-expected total cost of ownership arising from device downtime and maintenance costs. With managed print services (MPS), a team of experts can determine the right devices and printing solutions that match the needs of retail businesses in terms of costs, printing environment, and usage patterns.

An MPS provider can also help retail businesses gain visibility of printing costs through monitoring solutions. By keeping track of device usage by individual staff members, departments, and store locations, costs arising from wasteful habits and unnecessary printing can be minimized.

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