Samsung – BLI 2016

Being careful about printing can reduce expenses. But for those businesses that do rely on printing for daily operations, Samsung printers are eco-efficient, delivering the highest quality prints while saving resources. The Buyers Laboratory Inc. (BLI), which awarded Samsung Printers with a “Line of the Year” award in 2015, stated that Samsung’s monochrome products deliver strong performance and low costs, which are key concerns of business users. Further adding value are built-in environmentally friendly features—such as toner-save mode, automatic duplexing and the Easy Eco Driver—that not only conserve resources and support green initiatives but help to lower costs while printing the ever-important hard copy.
In the digital age, the march toward the paperless office can sometimes seem relentless. However, there are some places that digital technology will never be able to touch. For many, words on paper carry more gravitas – or even worth – than text that exists only in the technological ether. And although printed A4 paper weighs a mere 5g, the emotions involved in holding a sheet of it in your hands can often be immeasurable.


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