Samsung Printing Solutions at IFA 2015: IoT & Workplace Mobility

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Samsung Electronics attended this year’s IFA, the world’s leading trade show for consumer electronics, from September 3 to 9, 2015, at the CityCube at Messe Berlin. On September 3rd, the day before the public trade show, Samsung held a press conference with a focus on the Internet of Things, followed by an exhibition of its main projects for this year.

At the press conference, Dr. WP Hong, Chief Marketing Officer for Samsung Electronics, presented Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT) vision. Other representatives from the company followed, presenting Samsung’s latest innovations for IoT. Projects included the Smart Home Monitor, the SleepSense, and plans to expand the UHD ecosystem, all solutions that contribute to the IoT by maximizing mobility and inter-device connectivity.

The presentation included a feature on Samsung Printing Solutions, Samsung Electronics’s printing solution business division. Jean-Daniel Ayme, Vice President of Mobile at Samsung Electronics Europe, gave a presentation on Samsung’s printing solutions that focused on IoT’s potential beyond the home.


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Ayme explained how the IoT is expanding beyond the home and extending to the workplace, where the need for convergence is increasing. “Our combination of mobile leadership and a broad range of products and solutions for home and work life puts us in a unique position to deliver on the true potential of IoT,” said Ayme.

Ayme concluded with a remark on how the Smart UX Center, Samsung’s Android-based printing user interface, “opens endless possibilities in the way you can customize each printer to meet your own needs” and how Samsung Cloud Print, Samsung’s new cloud printing solution, “allows you to create, edit, and print documents, using a mobile device or PC – from anywhere, at any time.”

The Smart UX Center and Samsung Cloud Print, taking center stage at Samsung Printing Solutions exhibition booth

Samsung Printing Solutions products were set up at the exhibition booth, allowing visitors to test the Smart UX Center and Samsung Cloud Print. The Smart UX Center’s representative A3 multifunction printer (and Samsung’s flagship series) – the MultiXpress 7 – was installed on site for hands-on use. Visitors played around with apps and widgets to print and edit documents.

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Many visitors were curious about and pleased to find out the ease with which users can download the apps they want and use them in the Smart UX Center. They remarked on the usefulness of Sure Video – an app that turns the Smart UX Center screen into digital signage – for displaying a company’s logo or marketing video, and the convenience of Easy Launcher, an easy-to-use, minimalistic print interface widget. After testing, visitors inquired in detail about the technical specifications of the MultiXpress series, including page-per-minute speeds and mobile services.

Several other printers were available on site for testing Samsung Cloud Print, Samsung’s new cloud printing solution. The guided tour explained how the solution can be used anytime, anywhere to print urgently and conveniently, even from inside a taxi, without the need for a PC or a Wi-Fi connection. Visitors found it especially easy to register their device with Samsung Cloud Print through NFC (near-field communication). Many inquired about the solution’s availability (it is currently available for free download at

The exhibit showed that Samsung is focusing on mobility and convergence by developing user-friendly mobile user interfaces and extending mobile app functions to the printer. Samsung’s solutions can be customized to each user’s needs and preferences, and users can utilize mobile and cloud technologies to wirelessly print and share documents.

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Samsung Printing Solutions will continue to invest in both new and already released printers and solutions for enterprises. As a brand that recognizes the value in and is actively engaged in expanding the Internet of Things, Samsung Printing Solutions is further developing solutions that provide increased connectivity and mobility. By striking partnerships across industries, it will lead the movement in digital convergence and technological innovation.


About the Smart UX Center

The Smart UX Center was first released as the industry’s first tablet printing user interface on the MultiXpress 4 series of A3 multifunction printers in September 2014. Due to its success, Samsung created a faster and more powerful MultiXpress 7 series for enterprises, with the same Android-based Smart UX Center, except upgraded with more apps and widgets.

Since its launch in March 2015, the MultiXpress 7 has been receiving positive feedback both at home in South Korea and in the global market. To meet increasing demand for Smart UX apps, which extend the MultiXpress 7’s native functions and offer customized and streamlined workflows, Samsung releases new apps and widgets each month. Current users of the MultiXpress 4 series can enjoy the same upgraded user experience of the MultiXpress 7 with a simple firmware update.

About Samsung Cloud Print

Samsung Cloud Print is a free cloud printing solution that allows users to access and print documents from anywhere, any time. Samsung Cloud Print uses cloud technology to provide secure storage of documents and the option to print them without any restrictions on physical location or network. It also provides the industry’s first cloud scanning function that allows you to scan directly from the user’s preferred mobile device using the mobile SCP app.

Samsung Cloud Print is currently operated in 10 countries and will continue to expand. Future updates will incorporate a high-level security system and allow enterprises to replace their existing servers with a cloud server, offering a truly mobile printing experience that does not sacrifice security.


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