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7 septembre

Today, shoppers are more connected and tech-savvy than ever before, seeking on-demand convenience and a personalized shopping experience. To cater to these “smart” customers, retail shops are implementing IT solutions to offer hyper-tailored services and to streamline in-store operations.

Kindred Hearts is no exception to this trend. This American home décor and gift brand has recently started offering instant personalization of gifts in order to differentiate its products. For instance, gifts could be customized by printing personalized messages or inspiring quotes on high-quality paper to be given as framed pieces, cards, plaques, etc. To provide this service, printers had to be installed in each retail store, and Kindred Hearts required fast and reliable printers that could support sales, especially during peak seasons around holidays when sales orders increase significantly.

To meet the printing needs of Kindred Hearts’s retail stores, Samsung Printing Solutions stepped in with a cost-efficient and reliable solution.

Kindred Hearts’s unique need for fast and reliable printers fulfilled

At Kindred Hearts retail stores, customers choose special gifts for their loved ones and have personalized messages printed in-store. The printers had to be fast to provide this instant service, and Samsung’s ML-3712ND laser printer fit the bill, printing up to 37 pages per minute. This fast printing and processing helps shops provide fast service for the customers, even during peak seasons.

Moreover, the messages had to be printed on vellum, a thick, luxurious parchment that sometimes caused printers to jam or break. “We printed 5,000 pieces of vellum right away to check the life span of the device because we had so much experience with other printers breaking down so quickly,” said Joshua Bucholz, Co-owner of Kindred Hearts. “But the Samsung printer worked great. And then we printed 10,000 pieces, and we were super-excited to see how well the printer stood up.”
But most importantly, Kindred Hearts needed a high-quality printing to maintain its product quality. With the ML-3712ND, messages could be printed in professional quality right in the shop, thanks to a rendering engine that sharpens text and images.

Ensuring customer satisfaction with a pleasant shopping experience

Purchasing gifts is more than just shopping. It is when customers find time to choose a unique gift for someone important to them, so the printing process at Kindred Hearts retail shops had to be enjoyable and never stressful. The printers needed to be undisruptive and small enough to comfortably fit in stores.
The ML-3712ND’s low noise level – less than 52 dBA – minimized disruption, ensuring a pleasant shopping experience for customers. Plus, measuring only 36.6cm x 36.8cm x 25.3cm, the ML-3712ND offers one of the smallest footprints among monochrome laser printers in the market, up to 20% smaller than competitors’ models. The retailers were satisfied because its compact size maintained the shop’s aesthetics and fit right on their shelves.

Kindred Hearts sees immediate sales increase and rapid business expansion

A small investment in laser printers led to a substantial change in Kindred Hearts’s business. After implementing Samsung’s ML-3712ND laser printers in their shops, Kindred Hearts achieved a 90% sell-through rate. Also, the stores experienced brisk sales around holidays, selling up to 1,000 items a day. Furthermore, customers that were satisfied upon seeing the first, printed gift often bought a second item on the spot, creating an upselling effect. With this increase in sales, Kindred Hearts expanded its business from 15 stores in early 2012 to 650 stores by 2013.

The result was clear. More than satisfied with Samsung’s printers’ performance and the positive impact on their business, Kindred Hearts is now considering adopting mobile printing in its stores for further expansion. It is looking into laser printers with mobile printing capabilities such as the ProXpress M3820DW, and planning to equip its stores with Galaxy Note tablets for customer-centric gift customization and convenient mobile printing.
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